1069226_10151822295233793_1710847539_nEight23 Films was created and founded by Writer, Producer and Director Anil Thapa to primarily attract private investors to fund the Indie projects mainly low budget Feature Films, Documentaries and Short Films both for mainstream entertainment and art house. Located right at the heart of Los Angeles, the Entertainment Capital of the World, Eight23 Films has produced several films, all written, directed and produced by Anil Thapa with a stellar cast and seasoned Hollywood crew and there are many more projects in development.

Anil Thapa has been an astute student ever since he was a little boy growing up in Kathmandu, Nepal. He moved to Los Angeles in 1988 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Creative writing from California State University, Northridge. While in University, Anil met Malvin Wald, Academy Award Nominated Screenplay writer for The Naked City who became Anil’s mentor for almost two decades until Malvin died in 2008.  Anil is fortunate to have closely witnessed Malvin’s keen exploration of subtler considerations at work in Malvin’s writing and overall process in most of the 68 of his credits spanning from 1941 all the way to 1998. This is when Anil learned an invaluable lesson on the principles of Screenwriting for substance, structure and style & realized the difference between mere great ideas and great stories that capture audience’s imagination. Anil is inspired and influenced by the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino. Eight23 Films in association with Black Solid recently produced a few films together in joint venture.

We believe in Creative as well as Financial Excellence. In entertaining and selecting the viability of all our projects, we not only have creative talent in our team doing their due diligence based on their experience, creative ability and rock-solid research but also have successful business Executives with shared vision who understand ROI, guiding projects’ strategy and financial management.

Our goal is to create great films with a thorough preparation, beautiful imagination, great passion and unwavering dedication while having fun along the way. It is a mutually beneficial proposition where we get to utilize your capital resources in this collaborative process while potentially offering you a much bigger reward and greater credit under your belt.