Recently married working woman’s conflict starts with a hectic schedule and soon to be followed by unrealistic expectations, money and different priorities. Courtship begins suddenly with perceived similarity from a traditional standpoint…cut from the same cloth…and a pure fantasy…until opposing personalities start to show its true color. She carries a baggage from her bitter past and is hard set in her own ways. Her traditional core moral values are being compromised by the modern needs and rat race culture. She goes through her own personal journey to figure out the importance of life. In the end, will she find  the grass greener or not so much green on the other side? The story also reveals that when you forgive someone, you free the prisoner who was you all along. This is a story about unpredictable nature of human emotions, guilt, forgiveness and above all the realization of the Truth.

Written, Produced, and Directed by 
Anil Thapa

Executive Producers
Anil Thapa
Arvind Shrestha 


Catherine Farrah as Sweta

Julian Graham as Neil

Reem Kadem as Anita

Michael Gamarano as George

Ace Marrero as Andy

Savannah Gardner as the Girl

Pauline Ranjbar as Allison

Natalie Kabnjian as Rita

Above the Line

Editor: Peggy Davis

It was an honor to have Peggy Davis in our team as our chief Editor. Among her many hits, Peggy edited critically acclaimed award winning documentary with Academy Award winning Director Davies Guggenheim on film called The First Year. Peggy also edited Big Kahuna starring Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey and Danny Devito. Peggy has edited movies that have screened at Sundance and Toronto; that have won awards at Full Frame and The San Francisco International Film Festival; and that have received national broadcasts on PBS and MTV.


Director of Photography: Robert Murphy

Mr. Murphy is a Industry Veteran in Cinematography for 17 years. Among many films he shot, he is best known for his work as a Director of Photography for the Indie hit film “In Search of a Midnight Kiss” which received impressive 85% fresh by prestigious Rotten Tomatoes and Great Roger Ebert wrote “ The Film was photographed in glorious black and white by Robert Murphy”


Line Producer: Mauricio Arrioja

Mauricio Arrioja is a Creative Producer who has been making films since he was 13 years old. In high school, he went to live over a year in Denmark and had the privilege to study in one of the schools where the Legendary Dutch writer Hans Christian Andersen went, who is known for writing and creating The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s new clothes, The snow queen, among many great ones . He has been involved in some form of Hollywood Production in over 35 Films in such a short span of time. He joined Anil and his Production team after the Screenplay, Cast and Above the Line crew had been secured to help coordinate and to tie up the loose production ends for especially day to day operations. He pulled together a impressive team quickly to meet some crucial Production deadlines.


Arvind Shrestha: Co-Executive Producer

Arvind has been a family friend for the last 25 years.  Arvind’s  committment , dedication and strong principles are the driving force behind the continued success of his company, Black Solid. Black Solid is a loyal, trusted and a dedicated Production Partner with the shared vision. Black Solid’s clients include Levi’s, LA Times, GQ, GAP, Victoria Secret, Sony, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Motorola, New Yorker and Vanity Fair among many other great brand name clients.

Black Solid